Mobility will probably affect everybody in some way during the course of a lifetime. For over 60 years the Disabled Drivers Association has been involved in campaigns locally and through our national organisation. The rights of the disabled has always been and will remain the central issue of campaigning.

Lack of mobility affects people in many ways, the physical aspect, through illness the ageing process, congenital and certainly many other ways. Whatever the reason, our association will always campaign for justice to prevail.

Following the merger of the Disabled Drivers Association and the Disabled Drivers Motor Club, Mobilise Organisation inherited a file of successful campaigns over the last 60 years and today, society is enjoying the fruits of its labour. Complacency is not a word that lies easily with the disabled; because change is a part of life and change creates new issues to be resolved. We will continue to campaign locally on the issues that affect our disabled community.

Lack of mobility, for whatever the reason, needs our support and your support. Together we will continue to offer that support.